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Yes, School is over!! for a week, then I have to go back to the Torturing... *shudders* Anyway, you know, there's this girl in our class, who thinks The pyramids were made by big fish aliens who came from Sirius ( you know, the STAR sirius, the planet of dogs and so on) . Aaaand today, in our physics class she told us that people have magnetic fields (aura or karma of whatever) and that infuences the EARTH magnetic field, and when all the people were good and Atlantis was still on earth, people could teleport themselves into light?! Like how INSANE is that? and she ACTUALLY believes it?? Weird.... Anyway, I'm having this huge headache because of my lack of sleep, Aaaand my niece is once again visiting us and she sleeps in my room... i have to watch her.. *sighs* I think i'll go to bed now, Maybe i'll get more sleep before she is put to sleep and she wakes me up...

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