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I'm really annoyed right now...
   You see, we have this "new" girl in our class,
She came in September. She is THE most stupid person i've EVER met.  You see, It's one thing, she believes big blue fish aliens from Sirius built the Pyramids, but It's a whole new thing, if she asks idiotic 
    questions (the ones, what are already answered at least THREE bloody times), she actually provotes our class boys to hit her (?Like WTF?!?!) AND she seriously BEGGED our teacher a punishment!!  That's NOT normal. Plus she never pays attention to ANY classes, She comes school, when she wants, she  doesn't do her homework, and she DOESN'T get punished because of it, she almost never does tests with us. She is arrogant, stupid Bitch. AND she actually thinks she is popular? 
And do you want to know the riddiculus reason, why are WE getting punished (Having this girl in our class is THE biggest punishment), It's because our school psychologist thinks our class GIRLS (remember that, because our class boys have this BAAD, bad reputation ;) ) are NICER than in the other class. i swear my mouth dropped open, when I heard it.
So yeah, I'm annoyed. I hope she gets kicked out of our school ASAP.
And I'm never like this, I'm actually really nice with these kind of people, but she just gets under my skin. And I've always been really explosive, when someone really, REALLY annoyes me. I'm already dreaming of her (literally) kicked out of our school :) :) I wish it would come true... *sighs*

PS. Is anyone has any good ideas how to get her out of our school or at least out of our class, i'd be more than happy to hear them.

PPS. Oh, and she carries a KNIFE in school with her too, so I'm not only annoyed, but really scared of my life...

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