liisupzz (liisupzz) wrote,

Friends Only

Soo... I've now made my LJ friends only, so comment to be added.

about me.
I'm 17 years old, I live in Estonia, I have a cat, I'm about 6 feet tall (181,5 cm) and I have a huge amount of bad luck following me. I'm not judgmental about sexual orientation nor do I have any race problems. I also wear glasses and I have a phobia against buzzing insects, I'm a Potterist, so please no Potter-bashing on my LJ, 'kay?.  I also love LOTR and the Inheritance cycle.In my spare time I love reading Harry Potter fanfics, though I'm not so good at writing them, lol, and watch various movies and hang around with my friends. I'm actually really short-tempered, though people tend to think otherwise, *shrugs* I like being alone, or with people, who I like I'm also quite paranoid at some things... (how many times I can say 'I' in this post, huh?) Oh! I also love music =) And honestly who knew, but I'm tired of speaking of myself xD You can always ask me anything and i'll answer it completely honestly, I swear..
Tags: me xd

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